Owncloud Tweaks — Cronjobs, etc

Thursday 8 May cello Digital

Cronjob im kasserver.com anlegen
>> (https) ssl-account.com/cloud.celbase.net/cloud/cron.php
alle 15 Minuten

chown cron.php > www-data

>>> Links:

Tweaks from Owncloud-Forum
Infos from Owncloud-Docu
doc.owncloud.org/server/5.0/admi … nfiguration/background_jobs.html

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Flatpress - Installation

Monday 5 May cello Digital

Flatpress(Blog-Software) needs no SQL-Database…

1) Upload through FTP

2) set Folder “fp-content” per

chown to "php-user"(www-data)

3) Upload Plugin “Tag_2.5.4” into the Plugins-Folder

4) Upload Plugin “bbcode-v-1.6.2a-unofficial” into the Plugins-Folder